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Feed peas, feed peas

Feed peas, feed peas

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Russia, Tambov
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  • ManufacturerВилион
  • Country of manufactureRussia
  • Type of productFodder (forage)
  • ColorYellow
  • Year of harvest2020
  • GMONo

The Vilion company owns seed farms in the Tambov region. The total area of agricultural land is 22 thousand hectares. The volume of one - time storage and silo storage in them is 66 thousand tons.

Acceptance, part - time work, storage of products in farms is carried out through modern complexes of equipment, and its quality is controlled by its own laboratory. All products are certified for compliance with the requirements of GOST on procurement and supplies, as well as  TR CU 015/2011 "On grain safety. "

 Sales volumes and prices for a batch of products are set on a contractual basis.

Fodder peas (fodder, grain) are one of the main legume grain fodder crops cultivated in Russia. The use of peas in feeding farm animals and poultry is due to its fodder advantages, relatively low cost and the possibility of growing in almost any conditions. Unlike carbohydrate - rich grains and fat - rich oilseeds, the pea legume is prized for its high bio - complete protein content, comparable to that of meat meal or soybean meal. The protein that is rich in peas, contains many essential amino acids, it is well absorbed by animals. The approximate composition of pea grain: starch - up to 58% , protein - up to 36% , sugar - up to 10% , fiber - up to 6% , ash - up to 3.5% , fat - up to 1.5% ; 1 kg contains 190 - 220 g of crude protein, about 15 g of lysine and 1.17 feed. units

Forage peas in the form of green mass, hay, straw and chaff are fed to livestock in their pure form. Grain peas, as well as pea turf and flour are used mainly in the production of concentrated feed and feed mixtures. In terms of the content of basic nutrients, feed peas, as a component of compound feed, are most suitable for feeding pigs and poultry. Since peas contain some anti - nutritional substances, the addition of enzyme preparations to the compound feed increases the biological value of peas for poultry.

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Feed peas, feed peas
Feed peas, feed peas
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