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Tel .: 066 090-56-55.Polikarbonat - a synthetic thermoplastic polymer, one type of polyester of carbonic acid and dihydroxy compounds. Polymerization products polybisphenol-A carbonate. Solid transparent amorphous substance. Available in a transparent polycarbonate granul.Obychnoe designation - PC or PC. Highly thermostable polycarbonate is sometimes referred to as PC-HT. The symbol consists of a polycarbonate designate the chemical nature of the material: PC - polycarbonate; letters A or E to indicate the recommended method of processing: A - injection molding, E - extrusion processing; notation additives consisting stamps: T - heat stabilizer C - light stabilizer, O - color; number corresponding to the maximum melt flow index: 7.0 or 12 or 18 or 22; Colors and symbols normative document, whereby the produced polycarbonate Polycarbonate polikarbonat.Svoystva - structural thermoplastic polymeric material having high rigidity and strength combined with a very high resistance to impact or shock, including the high and low temperature. It features good optical properties, high heat resistance, small water absorption, high electrical resistivity and dielectric strength, small dielectric loss over a wide frequency range. Products made of polycarbonate are stable properties and dimensions in a wide temperature range, from -100 to + 135 ° C. The polycarbonate is dissolved in methylene chloride, dichloroethane. Resistant to aqueous solutions of mineral acids and organic acids, gasoline, alcohols, oils, but is not resistant to alkali, concentrated acids, organic solvents, to the action of chlorinated hydrocarbons and fatty aromatic, dioxane, tetrahydrofuran and m-cresol. Moreover, parts with high residual stress crack easily by the action of petrol and oils. It is undesirable to prolonged exposure to hot water. Prone to hydrolysis, requires a good drying before processing. Not resistant to UV rays. For environmental parameters polycarbonate is not inferior materials such as glass, and strength far superior to him. Its properties vary little with increasing temperature, and a critical low temperatures, leading to brittle fracture, is beyond the capacity of negative temperatures ekspluatatsii.Primenenie polycarbonate strength, transparency, stability properties of polycarbonate and sizes in a wide range of temperatures led to its wide application in many industries in as a structural thermoplastic polymer material instead of non-ferrous metals, alloys, and silicate glass. The total volume of thermoplastic engineering purpose, to what are polyamides, ABS-plastics, polyacetal, polyphenylene oxide, a number of other polymers, polycarbonate ranks third after polyamides and ABS plastics. Polycarbonate is processed by all known techniques for thermoplastic materials, however, mainly - by extrusion and injection molded at 230-310 ° C. Selection of processing temperatures determined by the viscosity of the material, the product design and the selected casting cycle. The pressure during the molding of 100-140 MPa. Casting mold preheated to 90-120 ° C. to prevent decomposition at processing temperatures polycarbonate predried under vacuum at 115 ± 5 ° C to a moisture content of not more than 0.02%. The structure of the use of polycarbonate in Russia is markedly different from the world. For Russia, characterized by the predominance of consumption of polycarbonate in the areas of production of cellular polycarbonate sheets and profile-molded products, other segments of the application of this plastic are underdeveloped because of the high cost of imported materials and large quantities of imported finished products. In general, the polycarbonate is used in the automotive, electronic and electrical industry, household appliances and medical equipment, instrument and aircraft, industrial and civil engineering. Polycarbonate manufactured precision parts: gears, bushings, cams. Body parts of household and office equipment: electrical appliances, power tools, washing machines, computers, phones, photo and video cameras. Dashboards. Light fittings. Light display. Switches. Diffusers car headlights and street lamps. Protective glasses. Optical lens. Helmets. Helmets. Bullet-proof glass. CD and DVD drives. Kitchen utensils. Disposable utensils for hot food. The medical devices formed from polycarbonate Petri dishes, blood filters, various surgical instruments, ophthalmic lenses. Polycarbonate sheet used for the glazing of buildings and sports facilities, greenhouses for the production of high-strength laminated glass - triplex. Polycarbonate film is used for packaging food at elevated temperatures. Prospective scope of polycarbonate - packages sterilized in autoclaves, packaging for microwave ovens, packaging medical devices. Threads made of polycarbonate are used in the production of polymer optical fibers: one makes light guide channels POV.Otdelny modern market segment - recycling polycarbonate. Many companies specialize in buying polycarbonate waste further processing and the sale or use of recycled polycarbonate. As a rule, this technology is used for the extrusion of treated waste and subsequent crushing and obtaining secondary granular material suitable for the manufacture of izdeliy.V our assortment of polycarbonate produced by Honam Petrochemical (Korea). Polycarbonate production Honam PC is characterized by: - ​​high stiffness; - Impact strength; - Good resistance to UV radiation; - High optical properties; - Operating temperature of materials up to 150 ° C.MarkaPlotnostPokazatel melt flow, g / 10minOpisaniePC 1070U1,26.5Ekstruziya sheets and profiles. UV stabilizirovannyyPC 1100U1,210Ekstruziya sheets and profiles. UV stabilizirovannyyPC 1150U1,215Lite pressure. UV stabilizirovannyyPC 1220U1,222Lite pressure. UV stabilizirovannyyPC 17501,362Lite CD

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