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The polymers for rotational molding

The polymers for rotational molding

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Ukraine, Kharkov
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Tel .: 066 090-56-55.Rotatsionnoe molding occupies an important place among the main methods of processing of polymeric materials. It is used for the manufacture of hollow articles of various structures used in various fields: agriculture, horticulture, chemical, automotive, light industry and aerokosmonavtike.Pri rotational molding powder most commonly used polymeric materials. Perhaps the use of pellets or liquid substances. The dominant role among the materials for rotational molding polyethylene plays. A linear polyethylenes of low, medium and high density, as well as space-linkable polyethylene. The greatest number of products produced from a linear medium density polyethylene. On the proportion of other polymers account for 5 to 15% of the market. Among these polymeric materials occupy leadership PVC plastisol, polycarbonate and polipropilen.Dlya rotational molding developed special brand of polyamide, polycarbonate, polypropylene. Rotational molding is possible to manufacture products from thermosetting polymer materials such as polyurethanes, epoxy compositions, etc. To modify the properties of polymers and finished articles are widely used various additives - thermal and light stabilizers, pigments. Apply anti-static additives, antipereny (unsupported retardant additives), blowing agents. Perhaps the use of fillers, such as steklovolokna.Materialy for rotational molding company ICO Polymers ICO Polymers produces a wide range of powders: - polyethylene; - Polypropylene; - ABS; - Polyamide; - Colored compounds; - Compounds with special effects (artificial stone, artificial tree, etc.). High-quality materials company Ico Polymers are characterized by such features as: - ease of molding; - Good mechanical properties; - Gloss surface; - Long-term color stability; - Protection against UV radiation; - Antistatic effekt.OpisanieNazvanie materialaPlotnostPokazatel melt flow, g / 10minObschaya harakteristikaTipichnoe primenenieStandartnye brand natural and black tsvetaICORENE 25500,9243,6Elastichny, durable, highly resistant to cracking, UV - stabilizatorDorozhnoe equipment, floats, bakenICORENE 35450,9354,5Srednyaya rigidity, high speed processing , a wide process window, UV stabilizatorPredmety general purpose eg. containers, small containers, moldings for industrial ispolzovaniyaICORENE 35600,9355,0Srednyaya hardness, very high speed processing, UV stabilizatorPredmety general purpose eg. containers, small containers, moldings for industrial ispolzovaniyaICORENE 35900,9359,0Srednyaya stiffness, very high speed processing, UV stabilizatorFormovannye products of general purpose or very complex predmetyICORENE 39400,9394,0Vysokaya stiffness and hardness, the broad process window, UV stabilizatorRezervuary and large molded izdeliyaVysoko effective markiICORENE 17210 , 9342,7Vysokaya cracking resistance and strength udareFormovannye products for industrial use, and storage tanks for chemical veschestvICORENE 17810,9348,0Metallotsen medium hardness, high processing speed, wide process window, high impact strength, UV-stabilizatorFormovannye articles general-purpose or very complex predmetyICORENE 16130,9384,5Sredne-high rigidity, excellent processing speed, crack resistance, fluidity, wide process window UV stabilizatorNebolshie tanks, durable and rigid complex shapes that require a material with high tekuchestyuICORENE 1613 VK850.9384,5Cherny with UV stabilizer (with special approbation) tanks for diesel fuel (test zharkostoykost ECE 34) ICORENE 17410,9404,0Metallotsen high density and very good mechanical properties, UV stabilizatorRezervuary and large molded izdeliyaICORENE 13390,9433,0Vysokaya stiffness, high impact strength, high resistance to cracking, UV stabilizatorKrupnye tanks, etc.. Large molded izdeliyaElastichnye markiICORENE M4890,88210,0Ultraelastichny, easily workable polymer with a high prochnostyuElastichnye inflatable floats and bakenyICORENE REBD9000,9007,5Ochen elastic, easily workable polymer with a high prochnostyuDorozhnoe equipment, floats, bakenyICORENE 19010, 90210,0Vysokoelastichnye and easily moldable, UV stabilizatorDorozhnoe equipment, floats, bakenyICORENE V02300,9023,0Vysokoelastichny, with high hardness, UV stabilizatorDorozhnoe equipment, floats, bakenyZhestkie markiICORENE 57600,9493,5Otlichnaya rigidity and impact resistance, high hardness, UV stabilizatorLodki, canoeing, baydarkiICORENE 53890,9514,0Otlichnaya rigidity and impact resistance, high hardness, UV stabilizatorSpetsialnaya formula for sandwich laminatovICORENE A1250,9513.2Otlichnaya rigidity and impact resistance, high hardness, UV stabilizatorLodki, canoeing, baydarkiMarki polipropilenovyeICORENE PPCO 14 / RM0,915Sopolimer propylene. Very high stiffness in combination with high heat resistance and scratch resistance. Easily moldable. UV stabilizatorElementy engines, small reservoirs, pipelines, industrial korpusaICORENE PPCO 14 / RM BP0,975Polipropilen, high hardness, good gloss, transparency and scratch resistance. Very good fluidity, easy molding, and provides improved strength udare.Elementy engines, small reservoirs, pipelines, industrial korpusaMarki spetsialnyeICORENE 1781V2> 18,0UL 94 V 2. Flame-resistant polyethylene. Easy molding. UV stabilizatorOgnestoykie reservoirs and konteyneryICORENE 1781SC0,9358,0Poluprovodyaschy black polyethylene. High fluidity and strength properties. UV stabilizatorKonteynery, covers, cases requiring stable elektroprovodnostiICORENE K1500 Natural ICORENE K1502 Chernyy0,945Net dannyhSshity polyethylene high density and universal hardness, crack resistance and chemical resistance, excellent fluidity and ease of use, UV stabilizatorMaslobaki, gas tanks, tanks for chemicals , abrazivyICORENE 9000V51,020Net dannyhNylon 12. Easy molding, high temperature resistance and stiffness, UV stabilizatorTehnicheskie products, including avtomobileyICORENE 90050,9273,4Adgeziv part, excellent hardness, good adhesion to metals, good machinability, good mechanical svoystvaAdgezivny bonding layer, corrosion protection, the centrifugal lining pipe material designed specifically for rotational formovaniyaICORENE X19020,9654,5Lineyny low density polyethylene. Luminescent powder. It gives the green glow of UV stabilizatorBakeny markers for airfields, road equipment, columns, articles for ogorodaICORENE X19081,2038Polikarbonat, transparent powder for rotational molding with UV - stabilizer. High rigidity, strength and ognebstoykost.Sharovye tube caps, elements of vending machines, tools zaschityMarki vspenennyeICORENE 60050,935Net dannyhPenny concentrate for blending with natural powder, which creates easy-to-use foaming smesMaterial for boats, isometric containers, lids, kolesaICORENE 64460,935Net dannyhVspenivayuschiysya powder for easy forming a two- or three-layer low-density izdeliyMaterial for boats, isometric containers, lids, kolesaICORENE 6152OSF0,935Net dannyhVspenennye granules. For best use, consult with experts on the ICO pererabotkeZapolniteli for double-walled articles such as containers IBC- open insulated containers, lids, keels, surfboards, rampy.Polietileny for rotational molding company Total Petrochemicals metallocene polyethylenes new generation for rotational molding is firm Total Petrochemicals, France. The materials are characterized by exceptional impact strength and crack resistance, high chemical resistance, including the effects of different types of automotive fuels. The material is available in pellet form and material poroshka.Osnovnye advantages: - high speed processing due to fast agglomeration and thickens; - Excellent mechanical properties; - Dimensional stability; - Gloss surface; - A good oil and benzostoykost.Marka materialaPlot nostPokazatel melt flow, g / 10minUF stabilization zatorGranulyPoroshokPrimenenieBaki, techni cal details avtokompo nentyTopliv nye tanks, techni cal detaliMnogo plies, foamed nostBenzobakiM3421 UV0.9342.7X • • M3423 M3581 UV0.9342.7XX • • UV0 .9348XX • • M3583 UV0.9348X X • • • • M4041 M4043 UV0.9404XX UV0.9404X X • • M3670 M3671 3.5XX •• UV0.9413.5XX •• Polyethylene for rotational molding company Exxon Mobil We offer a universal brand rotoformatsionnuyu LL 8446.81 general purpose production companies Exxon Mobill (Belgium) .Hazvanie materialaPlotnostPokazatel melt flow, g / 10minOpisanieTipichnoe primenenieLL 8446.810,9365,0Material comes in granules, it can be ground to a powder, ideal for rotational molding process. It contains a UV stabilizer that is important to extend the life of the end products in environments with high levels of solar radiatsii.Dorozhnoe equipment, general supplies, such as containers, small containers, moldings for industrial use

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The polymers for rotational molding
The polymers for rotational molding
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