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SIEMENS Sirius soft starter 3RW  buy in Praha on Čeština
Kup teď SIEMENS Sirius soft starter 3RW
SIEMENS Sirius soft starter 3RW

SIEMENS Sirius soft starter 3RW

Kód: Sirius soft starter 3RW
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  • ZnačkaSiemens
  • Země původuNěmecko
  • Model NumberSirius 3RW

3RW44 for High-Feature applications

With its innovative torque control system, it can be used for drives with a power output up to 710 kW at 400 V – respectively 950 hp at 460 V – in an inline circuit or up to 1200 kW at 400 V – respectively 1700 hp at 460 V – in an inside-delta circuit. Designed for simple handling, the functions are exceptionally easy to use. SIRIUS 3RW soft starters can be used in all sectors worldwide where soft starting without speed control is required.     We offer all 3RW44 : We also offer all Soft starters from Siemens please contact us.
Catalog number Power
3RW4422-1BC44 11KW
3RW4423-1BC44 18.5KW
3RW4424-1BC44 22KW
3RW4425-1BC44 30KW
3RW4426-1BC44 37KW
3RW4427-1BC44 45KW
3RW4434-6BC44 55KW
3RW4435-6BC44 75KW
3RW4436-6BC44 90KW
3RW4443-6BC44 110KW
3RW4444-6BC44 132KW
3RW4445-6BC44 160KW
3RW4446-6BC44 200KW
3RW4447-6BC44 250KW
3RW4453-6BC44 315KW
3RW4454-6BC44 355KW
3RW4455-6BC44 400KW


SIRIUS 3RW30 for standard applications

Belt slip on heater blowers or a sudden buildup of water pressure in washing installations is only two of the many problems that can occur when motors generate too much power on starting. With the SIRIUS 3RW30 from 1.5 kW to 55 kW (at 400 V) you can easily avoid such problems.

We offer all 3RW30:

We also offer all Soft starters from Siemens please contact us.

3RW3013-1BB14 1.5KW
3RW3014-1BB14 3KW
3RW3016-1BB14 4KW
3RW3017-1BB14 5.5KW
3RW3018-1BB14 7.5KW
3RW3026-1BB14 11KW
3RW3027-1BB14 15KW
3RW3028-1BB14 18.5KW
3RW3036-1BB14 22KW
3RW3037-1BB14 30KW
3RW3038-1BB14 37KW
3RW3046-1BB14 45KW
3RW3047-1BB14 55KW


SIRIUS 3RW40 for standard applications

Thanks to its innovative control method, it is not just the only 2-phase-controlled soft starter in the world for use in the power range up to 250 kW (at 400V) – respectively 300 hp (at 460V) – because of its especially compact design, it ensures a space-saving, clear layout in the control cabinet. The new 3RW40 soft starters in the lower power range from 5.5 - 55 kW (with 400 V) in sizes S0 to S3 expand the performance spectrum of the 3RW40 soft starters.

We offer all 3RW40:

We also offer all Soft starters from Siemens please contact us.

3RW4024-1BB14 5.5KW
3RW4026-1BB14 11KW
3RW4027-1BB14 15KW
3RW4028-1BB14 18.5KW
3RW4036-1BB14 22KW
3RW4037-1BB14 30KW
3RW4038-1BB14 37KW
3RW4046-1BB14 45KW
3RW4047-1BB14 55KW
3RW4055-6BB44 75KW
3RW4056-6BB44 90KW
3RW4073-6BB44 132KW
3RW4074-6BB44 160KW
3RW4075-6BB44 200KW
3RW4076-6BB44 250KW



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SIEMENS Sirius soft starter 3RW
SIEMENS Sirius soft starter 3RW
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